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I’m sure you remember corduroys, right? That striped pant that you probably wore a lot of growing up and then just sort of naturally faded away from. Well, I’ve got some good news. They’re back! AG Jeans has released a new pair of neutral brown cords that are incredible. Not only is the color totally perfect for fall, but the material has a bit of stretch, so the fit is fantastic. These will style with all kinds of different looks.

Personally, I felt like a nice casual early fall look worked best for me so I combined the cords with this awesome AG tee, white sneakers, and an olive green tote because you know I need my things!

Corduroy pants are a great piece for fall and winter because (you guessed it) they’re versatile. Obviously they work great for a simple and casual look like this, the tee is also AG Jeans, but you can easily also wear them together with a shirt, tie, and blazer, or my personal favorite, a denim jacket and sweater.

Anything in a light shade of brown works really well because you can style them with all of your boots and all of your sneakers. You can even wear these with black boots if you also wear a black shirt with it. The possibilities are endless, which is exactly what you want from something like a great pair of pants. Fall weather can be fickle, it will start out nice and warm but then suddenly become freezing cold, or vice versa. Corduroy pants work well in these conditions because they’ll keep you a bit warmer than a lot of lightweight denim, but not leave you sweating and uncomfortable like a heavy duty raw denim can.

I got these pants on Zappos, which is great because they have free shipping and returns if you don’t like what you’ve ordered.

Don’t sleep on classic styles, everybody! Invest in things that will keep you looking great and last for years to come. Also, be sure to check out the new AG Jeans releases on Zappos!

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