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Way to go! You overslept and now you’re supposed to be somewhere. We’ve all done it, right? It’s one of life’s many inevitabilities, you just have to hope that you haven’t overslept on the day of something as important as your wedding or college graduation (my roommate Keith did that).

When you wake up and realize that it’s WAY later than it’s supposed to be, it can set things into a bit of a frenzy. The first thing you have to do is calm yourself by taking a few deep breaths and realizing there’s nothing you can do to travel back in time…yet.

Next, grab something comfortably stylish. There’s no use in trying to get dressed up when it’s obvious that you just woke up. I legitimately overslept for this photoshoot so I opted for this hoodie and these moto sweatpants from 2xist, as well as these comfortable slip on sneakers from Steve Madden. Obviously this isn’t something you’d want to wear to an interview or something that requires you look your best. This is more of a look suitable for a niece or nephew’s Sunday morning, 9 am birthday party. Isn’t it so annoying how parents schedule these things so freaking early?!

When you’re in this situation, the point isn’t to completely try and fake like you’ve been up for hours but just lost track of time, the point is the be honest about the fact that you were running behind and still managed to make yourself look pretty damn decent.

These occurrences are a big reason why I like to think ahead about what I’m wearing to certain events or meetings, that way if I’m running late I don’t have to spend the time shuffling through different outfits to find what I want. It would behoove you to take a moment before bed each night to designate what you think you’ll want to wear, even if it’s just in your head.

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