The holidays are a beautiful time of year, no doubt. They’re also insanely stressful. The traveling alone is enough to give me nightmares. We always travel during the holidays with our two dogs, so packing light is an absolute essential. As much as I would like to, I can’t be lugging a trunk sized suitcase around the airport.

I recently scored this awesome bag from Sword & Plough, an accessory company started by two women who were raised in a military family. All of their products are created by military vets and made out of surplus military materials. The bag is really awesome and the mission of the company is even cooler! There’s a sweet camouflage interior of my bag and they offer it in other colors as well!

So let’s talk about packing light. There’s a bit of a process here that I think is easy enough to follow. Let’s just assume this trip is 5 days total and do some bullet points:

  • I like to start with socks and underwear. 2 pairs of socks a day, 1 pair of underwear per day. Also, be sure you’re storing your socks and undies inside your shoes or in jacket pockets. This will eliminate them taking up extra space.
  • If you’re going for 5 days, you don’t need to bring 10 shirts. Plan ahead and bring 3 plain tees and 3 button up shirts. They can be worn alone or together and interchanged.
  • If you’re going someplace cold during the holidays, wear a coat that you’re comfortable in on the plane. This way you don’t have to store it and take up luggage space.
  • Shoes-wise, wear a comfy slip on shoe or sneaker to the airport and pack a boot in your bag. This will give you options, but also save space that 3 or 4 pairs of shoes would take up.
  • In terms of pants, wear something nice and comfortable on the plane, like a fitted pair of sweats. Pack a pair of dark denim and some khakis. This will have you covered for any occasion.
  • Toiletries should all fit easily into your dopp kit. Get travel sizes of all your essentials and have them on hand.

That’s a wrap! It should all easily fit into a duffle or small wheeled bag. This leaves room in your backpack or tote for your laptop and camera or whatever else you bring home.

I highly recommend checking out Sword & Plough if you’re in need of a new bag for this winter. They have stuff for women and men, so if you’re looking for gift ideas they’re great too!

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