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It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is already Thanksgiving, but the facts speak for themselves. It’s time we all gather around the table, eat till we hate ourselves and then argue with our families about politics…yay.

One thing that’s always important on holidays is the dress code. Thanksgiving can be especially tough because the weather is unpredictable, the environment can sometimes change and you have to take the amount of food you’ll be consuming into consideration. Here’s my tips on how to dress:

Keep It Simple!

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It’s not the most formal holiday, but it’s also not acceptable to wear a t-shirt. I started with this amazing cashmere zip up sweater from Sharply. It’s comfortable enough to be a great layering piece and easy enough to take off if I get hot. I’d highly recommend layering it over a comfortable button up. Mine’s a light colored flannel and it’s keeping me the perfect amount of toasty warm.

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Accessory Fun!

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The colors of your look ought to be pretty fall inspired, therefore muted and calm. My darker outfit left room for a pop of color with this watch from Brathwait.

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Dress shoes work, but I always opt for a nicer boot on fall holidays because if I’m dealing with shitty weather, I’m more confident in a boot. Also, they’re more masculine and feel a bit more fall than a dress shoe to me.

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I don’t always wear glasses, but a holiday is a great time to bust them out. It adds a touch of flair to an otherwise understated look. If you have a pair that you wear every day, maybe grab a separate frame or something to change up your look. It is a special occasion, after all!

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For you guys who are meeting your significant other’s families for the first time tomorrow, be aware of your look. You don’t want to overdo it and look like you’re trying too hard. You also REALLY don’t want to under-do it and look like a slob. Sticking with a classic layered look is always best. It’s reliable, masculine, intelligent and all of the best things you can wrap into one for meeting your future in-laws (haha don’t be freaked out, you’re dating this person so that’s the goal, right?).

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It all started with the Sharply sweater, so be sure to check them out!

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