As I’ve said before, one of my favorite things about fashion is that classics stay classic. Purchasing a piece that’s been in style since its creation is tough to beat. This classic M-65 Field Coat from Alpha Industries is the perfect example. It’s a technically designed military style coat that’s built for actual wear and tear. Stylistically it’s great because of it’s versatility, which is mainly what I want to focus on today. A lot of guys I’m meeting don’t have the money to spend on actual quality so they deny the fact that spending more on something like a versatile jacket is better than spending less on something that’s going to wear out or fall out of style by next year. Not only is a piece like this going to become more and more comfortable with wear, but it’s going to get tougher and tougher by being exposed to all kinds of elements. No matter what type of dude you are, and I’d bet that a lot of you are at least two if not all three of my examples, this coat will work for you. Check it out…

The Desk Jockey

Alpha7There’s no shame in paying the bills behind a desk, dudes. What’s shameful is neglecting the way you look because of the fact that you’re hidden behind cubicle walls or a closed door all day.

This coat is a bit more on the casual side of the scale, but when you pair it with some well fitting dress clothes that can change. Military jackets are very in style as a replacement for a blazer on those days when you don’t have any meetings. Plus, with an optional button-in liner, it’s going to keep you nice and toasty on that walk from your apartment or the garage to the office.

Alpha6 Alpha8 Alpha9

The Jet Setter


If you’re lucky enough to be a regular traveler, a variety of stylish flight clothes better be in your wardrobe. A coat with all kinds of pockets that’s flexible enough to keep you comfortable and heavy enough to keep you warm if you’re next to that guy who refuses to turn down his air vent is essential. It’s easy to pop off going through security and it’s going to make you look like you’ve done this before, which for whatever reason seems to gain you more respect at the airport.

Combine it with a pair of structured sweats or comfortable denim and some luxury style sneakers, slip ons are also perfect for a smooth security check in. I added the pizza socks because…well they’re pizza socks, I had to.

Alpha10 Alpha12 Alpha11

The Weekender


If you’re a full suit to work guy, then your weekends should be spent as comfortably as possible. Cue some worn in sneakers, soft denim and a casual button up shirt. The versatility of the coat speaks for itself. There’s even a zip out hood if the weather turns while you’re at the baseball game.

Alpha3 Alpha2 Alpha1

Ultimately, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a coat that works in multiple conditions with virtually any outfit you can come up with and still looks good. Alpha has been doing it since 1959 and continue to cloak the world beautifully, comfortably and functionally.

Check out Alpha Industries here, and the M-65 Field Coat here.

Let me know how you’d style this coat in the comments!


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