It’s the most wonderful time of the year! NBA Playoffs are set to begin on Saturday and I am PUMPED! The way most guys get about March Madness is how I feel about the NBA playoffs, mainly because it’s the most athletic men on Earth playing as hard as they can. Also because college sports are garbage these days. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a die hard LeBron James fan. He rose to fame in Akron, OH, which is only a few hours away from Cincinnati, where I grew up. I’ve followed his career since I was in grade school. I watched him play (and lose) in the state championship game during his senior year of high school. Safe to say I love me some LBJ. As unfortunate as it is for me to root for anything that comes from Cleveland. I definitely want to see LeBron and the boys somehow pull off a title.  The reason why I’m bringing this to your attention, aside from the very need to get it off my chest, is because I wanted to give you some ideas on how you can root for your favorite team without feeling like you need to be wearing a jersey or a snapback.

  1. Rep Discreetly: Mission Belts, a company you may have seen on Shark Tank, has debuted a line of adjustable belts with NBA buckles. It’s a perfect piece for the guy who works at an office and isn’t quite tacky enough to rock a tie with his favorite squad emblazoned all over it. Check out their full line of belts at
  2. Indirect Representation: Wearing a shirt that hints at your fandom is totally acceptable. This OATW tee shows that I’m a proud Ohioan, but thankfully allows me to escape the horror of wearing a garment with the word Cleveland on it.
    NBAPlayoff13. Keep It Simple: Being a fan is good enough. Being a super fan isn’t necessary. If you’re headed to the office or out to run some errands, don’t feel like you need to load your entire outfit with team related colors. Some incredibly comfortable, casual sneakers from UGG (found here) are totally acceptable and will allow you to run away from those other fans who got pissed at you gloating.NBAPlayoff54. Know Thyself: Don’t forget that you’re a grown man. Add a few accessories, like this Brathwait Watch (, to anchor yourself into your manhood. You don’t need to be wearing a sweatband to the game. Use promo code PARKER15 to get 15% off your watch order, also.


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