The dress shirt is one of the oldest and most widely produced pieces in the history of menswear. They’ve been worn by Kings, Presidents, Blues Brothers and many more. Having gone to private school throughout the majority of my youth, I became very familiar with dress shirts from a very young age. Itchy fabrics, tight and loose in all of the wrong places, essentially an all around bad time is what I equated to wearing dress shirts. As soon as I got to college I vowed to never wear a shirt and tie at my job and thus far have essentially succeeded in doing so. I always felt so badly for friends who had to wake up every morning and put on a shirt that didn’t fit right and was made from an itchy cotton blend. It just seemed so uncomfortable to me.

Have you ever felt one way about something for a long time, only to have your beliefs shattered in one fell swoop? That’s what happened to me with this shirt from Mizzen and Main (www.mizzenandmain.com). It’s made from an extremely light weight material that is moisture wicking, so summertime sadness due to heat and sweat is no longer an issue. It also has four way stretch capability, which means that it has a tiny bit of give both side to side and top to bottom. The shirt maintains its structure quite nicely but also feels like you’re wearing a pair of athletic shorts for your torso. I’m 6’2, 6’3 on a good day, so I grabbed it in the Medium Tall sizing, which is a bit longer so I don’t have to worry about it untucking. Also, the neckline is snug without feeling like I’m being choked by a really weak man, which is more than I can say for other fitted shirts out there.

Spending extra money on a quality piece of clothing that you’re going to be wearing on an almost daily basis seems logical to me. I’d highly recommend checking out these shirts and grabbing yourself a closet-full. Once you touch the fabric you’ll never want to buy one that’s otherwise.

Click here to check out this specific ‘Hatteras’ plaid shirt from Mizzen and Main

Rest of the look:

Blazer: H&MKnit Tie: Urban Outfitters (similar), Khaki Chinos: Zara, Socks: Sockfancy, Loafers: Paul Evans NY, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Watch: WoodWatches.com

Stay smiling, my friends!


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