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As I continue to dive deeper into the world of menswear, I’ve started to experience the higher end of the spectrum. I’ve been afforded pieces and brands that would’ve normally always been out of my price range, which is great. I’ve learned a lot about quality over quantity. I definitely subscribe to that policy more so now than ever. Better materials and better craftsmanship only lead to a more comfortable and longer lasting product. Don’t get it twisted, there’s still a soft spot in my heart for fast fashion and the perks of getting a great deal on something. I’m here today to tell you that getting awesomely high end stuff doesn’t actually have to cost your entire paycheck (and next months’ too).

Scoring high end designer labels at affordable prices is a reality. For the past few years, stores like Target, Uniqlo and H&M have collaborated with the likes of Philip Lim, Alexander Wang, Lemaire and more. These collaborations are a way for the common shlep (me) to get his hands on unique and finely designed stuff. The only issue with these is that they’ve become so popular that there’s often a line outside of the store and a crazy amount of people trying their best to buy up the inventory for the sake of web reselling and personal profit.

While that’s unfortunately going to continue, I’ve got a solution for you to get your hands on brand new designer stuff without ever leaving your couch, Five Four Club (www.fivefourclub.com). The LA based menswear subscription service is beginning a line of design collaborations with high fashion designers. On March 1st, they’re launching a collaboration with Robert Geller, menswear designer from NYC (www.robertgeller-ny.com). Geller is an amazing creative with ready-to-wear collections that will make your jaw drop. Unfortunately, because of the quality of design, his normal pieces are pricier than the average guy can afford. Yet now with Five Four’s help, he’s bringing his designs to you for only $60. That’s the price you pay to join Five Four Club’s monthly subscription club where you’ll receive 2-3 curated items to fit your personal style each month. It’s a must for any guy who hates to shop but wants to look good.

The bomber jacket, denim, socks and tote bag are all Geller designed and are downright sexy! The jacket is very lightweight and the button closure detail is a very interesting touch. The denim is crazy soft and stretchy. Very comfortable for daily wear. Overall, the pieces are insanely awesome, totally comfortable and definitely worth the price of joining the club.

Check out www.fivefourclub.com to get a better look at their service and how happy so many guys are to have joined the club!

Stay smiling, my friends!


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