If you’re interested in making fitness a regular part of your life, I’m a firm believer that you need to look the part. Whether you’re already in good shape or not, there’s great workout clothing options out there. Dressing the part at the gym is no different than doing so at the office. You wouldn’t show up to work in something sloppy (unless you’re a garbage man, which awards you a pass) so don’t allow yourself to be the guy wearing a stretched t-shirt that’s already two sizes too big. By throwing on something well cut and fitted, you’re going to feel better about how you look and therefore work harder during your workout.

I just got these ‘Everyday Shorts’ from Myles Apparel and can’t seem to stop wearing them. They’re the most comfortable workout shorts I own. I wish they made them in a pant as well (dropping hints, Myles). I like a shorter short so as to eliminate restriction so these fit great on me. They also offer an 11 inch inseam version versus these which are 8 inches. They’re awesomely stretchy without becoming baggy and the pockets are HUGE, which makes me feel safer during a run that my stuff isn’t going to fly out. One time I went on a run and realized that I lost my keys sometime during and had to backtrack the whole way. I found my keys but it still sucked…a lot. They’re also crazy versatile and could easily be worn with a button up shirt and sneakers for a casual afternoon look.

Workout clothes can certainly be pricey if you’re willing to spend. Remember, though, that after you get them sweaty and therefore have to wash, a higher quality, slightly more expensive pair will last a lot longer than the ones you bought at dollar store. Ultimately, it’s an investment in yourself because when you show up to the gym looking the part, it’s going to be the difference in you going the extra mile…literally.

Click here to check out Myles Apparel. They have a full range of shorts in multiple different colors and sizes.

Stay smiling, my friends!


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