One of my favorite things about doing this blog is getting the opportunity to talk to other guys about fashion. Sometimes it’s guys who are more involved and know more than I do, sometimes it’s guys who have been inspired by my stuff and are looking to get their feet wet. The latter is so awesome for me, not only because it lets me know that people are engaging in the content and it’s inspiring to them, but because I know what a positive benefit it’s made on my confidence and my life and I want them to experience that as well.

One of the most consistent pieces of advice I give to guys is to diversify accessories. Having staple pieces in your wardrobe like quality denim, a simple oxford shirt, etc. is important but what’s going to allow you to consistently feel new and different without breaking the bank is stocking up on accessory options.

I’m nearsighted, meaning I can see things within arms reach beautifully but beyond that I’m blind as a bat. I typically wear contacts but have been dabbling in the scene of spectacles more and more lately. When I was first made aware that glasses were going to be a part of my life, the market was much different. Each frame and lens set were expensive and therefore you’d have one pair that you wore regularly until they broke, went totally out of style or were no longer a strong enough prescription. Things have changed majorly. Now it’s totally reasonable for a guy to have multiple pairs of specs to diversify his style.

I just got these new frames from Timex (I didn’t realize they made glasses either!) and I love them. I’ll go ahead and call myself out, they’re a bit Harry P, but that’s fine by me because the round metal design is timeless. These will never go out of style, they’re light as a feather and durable as can be for a pair of eyeglasses.

When I first put them on I immediately felt like a cool college professor so I had to run with that for my whole look. The slim chinos, the simple green oxford shirt, the slip on sneakers and the denim jacket are all outfit staples that can be combined with all sorts of other simple pieces to create a ton of different looks. It’s the glasses, the socks, the tie, the watch and the bracelets that are the easiest part to swap around to create a new and different style completely. Also, they’re the most affordable.

Be smart about how you’re spending your money when it comes to style, guys. Think about the small stuff that can be changed before you move ahead to buying expensive, brand new clothes.

Click here to check out Kenmark Eyewear, who supplies Timex and tons of other great brands with their frames.

Stay smiling, my friends!


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