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Here we are, yet ANOTHER Monday. As I’m settling into the everyday grind of running the blog I’ve become much more of a desk jockey than I ever imagined I would be. It’s not as terrible as I would’ve thought, either. Given, I’m at home in comfortable clothes, listening to the music I want to listen to and taking breaks whenever I feel like it…but you get what I’m saying.

One of the things I’ve realized is most beneficial when it comes to working from home is my attire. A lot of people think that if they worked from home they’d wear nothing but sweatpants, which somedays is true. However, when I’m getting ready for my day, taking the extra time to put together a real outfit as opposed to whatever’s on the top of the drawer allows me to feel like I’m ready to actually be productive and effective. Regardless of whether you work from home or at an office, you should try to feel the same way. If you take an extra five minutes each morning (or even the night before) and put together a functional, comfortable and effective outfit, your output is going to reflect the way you look.

Getting specific on today’s outfit, I just recently got this brown wool blazer from Marks and Spencer and have been loving it! It’s warm and cozy but also really well-fitted so I can feel great about wherever I’m headed in it. Being self-employed, I don’t need to dress up, so I opted for this long sleeve white t-shirt. It’s super soft and works nicely with the blazer.

I like to wear a necklace when I’m doing a t-shirt under a blazer. Something about the crew neckline of the shirt just looks better to me when an accessory is added.

The green pants kept things in the world of Earth tones and were a nice alternative to jeans. If you work in a casual environment, chinos are an awesome thing to wear in leu of jeans. They’re oftentimes lighter weight and even more comfortable.

White sneakers were a perfect choice to match the white shirt and to keep things on a nice, casual level.

That’s all of it! A basic look that is perfect for a casual work environment or as an option on casual Friday! Don’t forget to take a minute and create a look that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

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Blazer, Shirt, Pants

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