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Sometimes I get so sick of wearing jeans. Sure, they’re amazing and versatile and super classic, but they just simply get old sometimes. Thankfully designers like Hudson (who make incredible denim) have taken their skills to other types of pants like these chinos from Zappos that I’m styling in today’s post.

Chinos are something that every guy needs to own. They’re oftentimes softer than jeans. They’re able to be styled a bit more formally but are still also every bit as casual as jeans if you prefer.

One of my favorite ways to style chinos are with a dressier sneaker. So many minimal styles are out there by now, most of us all have something. A clean white sneaker or something a bit more vintage inspired like mine work really well. They’re comfortable, stylish, and are nice if you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your feet.

Chinos are also really usable with boots and dress shoes, though. If you need to dress up but you really don’t wanna go with a full suit, a slim pair of chinos will sub in perfectly.

I’ll be honest, there are days when I wake up and I’m just feeling a little bit down. It happens to everybody. Those are the days when an outfit like this work best for me. Something about the comfort, the style, and the overall feeling it gives me walking down the street in this look usually bring me out of my bad mood. To me it says “I know how to dress myself, but I’m not trying to be too flashy.” It all starts with the Hudson chinos from Zappos because they automatically make me feel more put together, more responsible.

Whereas a t-shirt works so seamlessly with jeans, I like a polo with chinos. A tee can definitely work, but when I want to look a bit more upscale I go for something slightly more dressy. I went with this maroon shirt because I liked how it added a bit of color into the otherwise brown outfit. This is the perfect place to add a pop of color or to go ahead and just keep the entire outfit pretty monochromatic.

A suede jacket is another fall essential in my book. It’s warm, but not overheating. It’s extremely stylish and fits a bit more slim than a full on leather jacket, in my opinion. I like the way this one adds into the brown tones of the whole look.

Overall, it’s not rocket science. It’s an intentional look built around these slim fit Hudson chinos from Zappos. By putting on a piece and really being aware of how it makes you feel, you can be guided through the entire process of putting the outfit together. The browns all came together really nicely for me, but I knew I wanted to add in a bit of color to bring me out of my funk that day, so the polo provided that. Take it one step at a time and you’ll be creating really awesome outfits, too!

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