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I’ve been feeling too damn squeaky clean lately! For whatever reason, I’ve been naturally styling myself in a bit of a preppier, cleaner sort of way. I woke up in a weird mood yesterday, though and so always, I dress to my mood.

Oftentimes when I meet people we strike up a conversation about fashion. One of the most common things people say is how they don’t think they can “pull [insert fashion concept here] off”. The first thing I tell them is yes you can because “pulling something off” is really just a state of mind.

If you think all black looks great, start simple by getting yourself a plain black t-shirt and wearing it with some dark blue denim and black boots. Once that becomes a normality for you (as well as a normality for the people around you in your life, I totally understand them being a factor in your wardrobe decisions), then get yourself some black jeans and go for it! People may comment, they may look at you differently, but that’s just because you’re eye catching, which is a good thing!

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with all black, you can start wearing off-colored shoes, which is a really fun way to switch things up. I personally love the look of white sneakers with an otherwise all black look. The maroon Doc Martens were a nice pop of color in this look, so you can get an idea as to what I’m talking about.

Essentially all I’m saying is that if something in life (not just fashion) seems interesting to you, figure out the best way to dabble in it a bit and make it a more regular part of your existence. As with everything, it will become more and more regular and then you can absorb it completely as a part of yourself and move on to becoming comfortable with something else and making yourself a fuller person!

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