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I’m a huge fan of sweatpants. They’re cozy, they’re warm and thanks to the explosion of Athleisure, tons of brands are making them with higher quality fabrics in slimmer designs. The ones I’m wearing today are not all that slim, but rather baggy, which I can also appreciate. They’re so soft and warm. I love them.

Aside from my wannabe Eminem phase in high school, however, wearing sweatpants out of the house was typically a no-go move for me. It always made me feel sloppy and overly disheveled, but I saw someone recently in an outfit that changed my mind and inspired me to put this look together and share my thoughts.

In order to wear sweatpants in a stylish way, you’ve got to be extremely aware of how you surround them. I shot this look while I was home in Cincinnati for the holidays and it was FREEZING outside, so I dressed it a bit more warm.

My first suggestion would be to strongly consider a casual button front shirt. This plaid flannel shirt is super comfortable and soft, so it kept me cozy but it’s also nice and fitted so I don’t look too sloppy. I also would recommend a long coat or maybe a denim jacket in warmer weather. That way you’re showing off another stylish piece without being uncomfortable.

In terms of shoes, I felt more comfortable in sneakers than boots, but I’ve seen people pull off both. If your sweats and a bit baggy, sneakers are probably better whereas if they’re slim and tailored, a boot can absolutely work as well.

These sweats are a jogger style, with a wide cuff on the ankle, so a simple roll creates a nice little cuff that’s much more manageable and familiar than the wider ankle cuff of traditional sweatpants.

It’s an easy look to put together that’s perfect for running errands or a quick coffee with a friend. The main thing to think about it trying to be sure you look nice everywhere else so that the sweats just ease into the look and don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

How do you style your sweatpants? Any favorite brands?

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