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Oh yeah, it’s denim on denim time. For understandable reasons, it can be an oddly intimidating outfit for a lot of guys. A lot of different types of dude have worn this look over the years, from farmers, to lumberjacks to greasers in the 50’s. Something about it just works so well for me, because it’s one of the most comfortable looks you can wear and if done right, can also be one of the most stylish. Here are my tips on how to rock denim on denim, based on this specific look:

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First, be aware of your colors of denim. The more they match, the more you’re going to look like a farmer. By mismatching them, you can take a bit more control over your look. Also, darker denim is going to look better almost always. If you want them to match, be sure they’re nice and dark.

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As always, be conscious of your shoes. The whole point is to contrast the typical look of Farmer John, so steer clear of old beat up boots. Dress shoes worked nicely as I was aiming for more of a business casual inspired look, but sneakers work great too.

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Shirt choice is always a big factor in any outfit you’re putting together. Thankfully for me, my childish baby face couldn’t look manly enough to be a lumberjack if I tried, so the plaid shirt works. If you’re already a burly, bearded dude and you’re not trying to look like you’re headed to cut down trees, probably stick with a t-shirt or a sweater under the jacket.

denimondenim (6 of 8)I’d love to hear your thoughts on this look! If you have any questions or comments, find me on social media @parkeryorksmith on IG or email me at!

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