Heyoooo! We all made it through another week of work, school (well, summer school), retirement, or whatever! Cheers to us! I partnered with Rodd & Gunn, an awesome brand from New Zealand that specializes in men’s classics with modern twists. I’m gonna steal a phrase from their site because I love it so much, they “offer a fresh opportunity to celebrate relaxed living.” Whaaaaat?! How good is that?? I’m kinda jealous I didn’t write it, haha.

Anyways, the weather in LA has been HOT lately, so I wanted to showcase something that would be comfortable and appropriate for most anything you have going on this weekend. Let’s get it started!

Believe in the Short Sleeves

I’ve been saying it, but short sleeve button ups are way in style right now, guys. Whether it’s a crazy patterned shirt or something a bit more traditional, you should be shopping for them. This one is linen, which is perfect for summer because it will keep you cooler than other materials. I love the multi-colored windowpane stripes, too. It’s a nice mixture of bold and traditional. Short sleeve button ups are acceptable just about anywhere during summer, so get to shopping!

Fade Away

Another thing that I’m loving this season is extra faded denim. Growing up, my Dad always wore super faded jeans and I thought he was the biggest dork because of it, but lo and behold, we are our parents, haha. Jeans like these kind of just scream summer to me. I’m slowly starting to enjoy shorts more, but I’m definitely still a pants guy for the majority of the time. These are a great option for summer because they can be styled with a casual outfit like this or even dressed up a bit with a blazer and shirt and tie.

White Sneaks 4 Life!

Unless this is your very first time reading the blog, you know that I’m a shoe freak. White sneakers are one of my all-time favorite fashion pieces and this pair does not disappoint. The leather is so incredibly buttery and soft. They feel like I’ve had them for years and I’ve only worn them like five times. If you don’t own a great pair of white sneakers, I’d highly recommend changing that as soon as possible. The reason they’re one of my all-time favorites is because of their versatility. I can wear these things with a suit, shorts and a tee, a casual weekend outfit like this, and just about anything else. When looking for white summer sneakers, I’d recommend getting something extremely clean and simple. The less visible branding, the better.

Enjoy Your Surroundings

Once you’ve got yourself looking good in your short sleeve button up, faded denim, and white sneakers, go embrace your weekend! I’ve been making it a point lately to go exploring, even if it’s only for a short bit of time. Ride your bike, park your car, take the bus, or grab a Lyft and get dropped off someplace new. Google won’t let you get lost, so just start walking around. Embrace it and marvel at all of the cool things you discover that are in your town that you otherwise would’ve never known about!

Be sure to check out Rodd & Gunn for elevated classics to “celebrate relaxed living”. Ugh, still wish I thought of it, ha!

Tag me @parkeryorksmith in your IG feed or your story so I can see your weekend looks, I’ll shout out my favorite! Also, if you have any questions or comments, email me at parker@thelooksmith.com!

*this post is in partnership with Rodd & Gunn

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