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Heyoooo! Happy Friday guys, I hope everyone has some fun plans this weekend. Regardless of what you’ve got going on, I want to talk a little bit about building out your fall fashion wardrobe today.

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently realized how many of you dudes are still very much in the learning phase when it comes to dressing well and looking your best. First of all, let me commend you on your recognition of the fact that being conscious of these things is AWESOME. It will improve your daily life by increasing your confidence and inspiring you to work harder to better yourself.

So…one of, if not THE best piece for fall is the henley. This one that I’m wearing is from Sharply and it’s so incredibly soft and comfortable. A henley will typically be a long sleeved shirt with 3 or 4 buttons on the front. They can stay buttoned for a cleaner look or be unbuttoned for a bit of an edge. The main reason this piece is so great is because of its versatility. It can be worn on it’s own, it can be worn under a jacket or even under a button up shirt.

A lot of guys seem to think that fashion = feminine and I’m here to say that’s stupid. The henley is a perfect example of a piece that is both masculine and stylish. As always fit is key, so be sure you’re getting something fitted but not Under Armour tight.

I styled this in a bit of a cleaner look but I could have easily thrown on some dark denim and boots to make for a tougher, night time look.

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