Just like most of you, I get the majority of my fashion inspiration from magazines, the internet, runway shows and other people on the street. Every so often, however, I get bored. Sometimes I just don’t feel like wearing the same denim with boots and a t-shirt or a jacket and tie. For me, one of the best parts about fashion is the ability to get creative.

Boredom is exactly what led me to dream up this fun summer/fall style move that I’ve been pulling a lot lately. I don’t claim to be the first to do it, but I also can’t say I’ve seen it a ton around LA. It’s what I call, The High Cuff.

Cuffing the ankles of your jeans has become a pretty mainstream move. A lot of denim makers even add a few inches to the length of their inseam to allow for a nice cuff option.

Essentially, I wear a pair of straight leg jeans like these 501’s from Levi’s Made & Crafted, roll them three to four times in one inch cuffs until the bottoms of my pants are at a “high-water” level. Then I grab a pair of dress socks, preferably something bold and fun, but a simple dark solid colored pair work well too. Lastly, throw on some lower cut shoes like these Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops and you’re out the door! Be sure it’s a lower cut shoe like a dress shoe, sneaker or loafer so that you can accentuate the pattern of the sock.

I consider this to a be somewhat of a ballsy move right now, so I just wore a simple white tee from Buck Mason and my Goorin Bros. fedora to round out the look.

This is a fun alternative that will spice up your otherwise simple summer and fall looks. Give it a try and tag me in some photos @parkeryorksmith!


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I'm Parker York Smith, a curious dude still very much figuring everything out. I hail from the Midwest but have been dwelling in Los Angeles for the last few years being a pretty stereotypical west coast transplant. I'm a fashion geek, I love to walk (a LOT) and I do my best to find the bright side. I'm extremely excited about this blog and hope that (with some hard work and luck) it turns into what I believe it can. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please get in touch with me via my social networks (which can be found in the sidebar) or email me at parker@thelooksmith.com.

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