At this point, summer is in full swing. It’s starting to get hotter and hotter so the amount of clothes being worn is dwindling. Summer, as I’ve stated before, can be difficult when it comes to style. I’m a sucker for a graphic tee and jean shorts, but that outfit can get old and just isn’t acceptable in certain situations. Therefore, I’ve decided to use this summer as an experimental season. I’m trying new things that are honestly kind of weird for me, but are also fun because they’re all very doable with summer outfits. By making small changes to otherwise simple looks, we’re taking our style to the next level and allowing ourselves to stand out from the other guys wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt…or worse, cargo shorts and a polo! Ahhhhhh! Here are some ideas of what I’m trying and think you should also consider…



Summer shoes are one of the greatest parts about the season. I’m obsessed with Vans and Toms, so you can bet they’re both a regular part of my rotation. However, beat up sneakers and espadrilles aren’t gonna work at a nice dinner out. Enter loafers. They’re a classic style of shoe that’s been around for centuries and are making a major comeback. This suede pair from Steve Madden are very comfortable and add some pretty serious attitude with the tassels. These are great as a contrasting or a complimentary piece. Just be sure your belt matches!


SummerMoves3A lot of my favorite style moves happened in the 1950’s and 60’s, so I draw from that when I’m sitting alone in my room playing dress up…don’t judge. The neckerchief was a major style piece in the mid-20th century and is making a big comeback lately. I love it as an alternative to a necklace and a way to add a bit more color into a look. It’s as simple as rolling it up and tying it as close to the ends as you can. Also, be sure it’s been washed multiple times so that it isn’t stiff like when you bought it. Check out Hobby Lobby or vintage stores to find an awesome range of colors and patterns.

Tuck-In, Oh My!


Another big move that I’m pulling from the past is the t-shirt tuck-in. Until recently it would’ve been scoffed at as a Dad’s only move, but with the resurgence of 90’s style and culture, the tuck-in is slowly poking its head back into play. I support this move when trying to dress up a t-shirt and jeans, but not as an all the time thing. If you want to look extra 90’s, wear a shirt that’s big and billowy then tuck it in and roll the sleeves. You’ll be looking like Chandler Bing (he was actually pretty stylish in the early episodes) in no time.


Here’s another shot of these bad boys just because they’re so damned sexy.

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Stay smiling, my friends!

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