Whoops! Your boy’s been slacking on writing blog posts. Not to fear. I’m back and will be pushing hard to get at least two up per week from here on out. It’s been a crazy last few months with new, exciting job opportunities popping up left and right. I’m partnering with a lot of new brands this spring/summer to bring you a ton of different looks from crazy to conservative. A little something for everyone!

Today I’m showing off this new knit polo from Jacob Holston as well as these sweet loafers from Ugg Australia. A major trend happening this summer will be bold prints. Shirts, shorts, pants, hats and bags will all be sporting vintage looking bold floral and beach inspired prints. Matching shirt and short print sets are also going be big, but that’s for another post.

Basically put, feel free to embrace your wild side this summer and spring for that bold polo, tee or button up shirt. Wearing shirts like this is great because you can let it be the centerpiece of your look and build around it. For instance, I chose some selvedge denim because it wasn’t as warm as it looks in the photos on the day I shot these pics. That being said, a simple pair of jeans, khakis or basic shorts match wonderfully with a bold top and don’t create too crazy of a look.

These new loafers from Ugg are awesomely soft and comfortable. They even come with an optional fur insole if you want to wear them as slippers. I’m also loving the two toned effect of the different shades of brown. These shoes were a somewhat bold choice with the shirt because of the fact that they’re both kind of out of the ordinary. Normally I would recommend wearing some solid white sneakers or a simple boat shoe with this look, but I decided to really go for it.

Simply put, buy bold this summer. It’s fun to make a statement and it’s much easier to be the life of the party with a bold piece of clothing. I especially love this shirt because it certainly draws attention but the colors are actually very muted in comparison to a lot of other floral designed clothes. Gray and white aren’t obnoxious together. They create a certain level of class in an otherwise wild piece. Match with basic pieces to allow your bold pieces to pop and you’re in business!

Let me know your thoughts/questions in the comments!

Shop the look! Jacob Holston Floral Knit Polo, Ugg Two Toned Loafers

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