Summer is coming! That means that it’s time to stow away your bulky jackets and bust out your favorite tees. It’s an exciting time of year for me because by this point I’m totally ready to wear tees and jeans on a daily basis, although in three month I’ll be begging Mother Nature to let me put on a damned jacket.

One thing that I never thought about until recently was that during summer I have substantially fewer places to store my things once I leave the house. My jeans have 5 pockets, which I prefer to only use for things like my phone, wallet and cash. Storing things like a laptop, a power cord, a book, a notebook, pens, a lightweight sweater or candy becomes much more difficult than it is during winter when you have all of those additional pockets.

Cue the backpack! Thankfully the age old accessory is totally in style for adults to use just as much as school kids. I love a good backpack because carrying a messenger back or tote gets to be tiresome. The cross body or shoulder straps they use aren’t good for all day wear like a backpack. This one is from www.backpackingmall.com, a company who takes their bags very seriously. It’s designed to be slim, which I love. It fits my 15″ Macbook Pro like a pro and still leaves room for an iPad, charging cord, candy, etc etc. Besides, you shouldn’t be using a double pouch embroidered L.L. Bean bag anymore. That’s too much bag. The front pocket of this bag is lined with felt so it wont scratch your phone or other sensitives like sunglasses or an iPad. Also, it’s coated so that if it rains (thankfully not in California, he said smugly), you don’t have to be worried about your prized electronics getting wet and ruined.

Tons of different brands from low to high end are putting out backpacks that are stylish and functional. Do yourself a favor and jump on the bandwagon! Check out this bag from Hex Bags by clicking here.

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