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One of the hardest lessons for me to learn in fashion was the idea of quality over quantity. Basically put, it means that spending extra money on something that’s made better is almost always a smarter choice than buying multiple pieces at a cheaper price. I found it SO hard to deny myself the temptation of coming home with five items as opposed to one or two.

If you’re someone who’s looking to build out their permanent wardrobe, not something transitional as you gain/lose weight or anything, then I’d highly recommend trying to convince yourself to start practicing quality over quantity. It’s a better way to create a closet of things that you truly love, as opposed to just a bunch of stuff that hardly ever gets worn more than once.

However, with that in mind, I’m showcasing these shirts from Allen Young NY today. They’re a brand that has embraced quality AND quantity and I’m really excited to show them off for you. The cool thing about their shirts is that the collar and cuffs are attached with buttons, therefore making them interchangeable and customizable. You can swap them out however you’d like. It’s a perfect way to be sure your white shirt collars always stay crispy and white, too! If you scroll down, you’ll see me wearing the same green shirt, once with a white collar and once with a matching green one. Also, with the blue plaid shirt, I totally removed the collar to create a banded collar design.

Having an almost infinite amount of ways to wear your shirt offers a HUGE savings in the long run. If you’re a guy who wears a suit or even just a button up to work every day, then this brand is absolutely something you should be checking out. They’re able to be styled casually or formally, and the fit and quality are as good as I’ve worn.

These would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the guy in your life, or if your lady is looking for ideas on what to get you.

Please scroll through the pics to see how I styled the shirts in a few different ways. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Be sure to check out Allen Young NY and tell them Parker sent you when you grab your first shirt!

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