I have a confession…there are a TON of jackets and coats in my closet. I’m not sure what it is about them that I love so much. Maybe it’s that they keep me so warm and cozy…or maybe it’s that they combat the elements of the weather so well. Honestly, it’s probably just because I think they look awesome and it’s fun to always be wearing something new. I HAVE A PROBLEM, I KNOW!!

I started to notice jackets being layered with coats on the runways in the past couple of years. A big thing last year was to sport a denim jacket underneath a topcoat, which I love and have yet to attempt. Today, I’m trying my hand at this cool winter layering technique. A lot of guys have probably worn their suit jacket underneath an overcoat, right? This is a similar tactic. I’m wearing this lighter weight canvas jacket from Vans underneath the heavier, button up coat from FiveFour. What I really love about this look is the accessibility to so many pockets. When I first left the house this morning, I had the coat buttoned and my hands in the pockets because it was cooler. Yet once it began to warm up, I was able to unbutton the coat and access the jacket pockets in the front. I like to put my hands someplace while I’m walking, it eliminates the awkwardness of me not knowing where to put them.

Wool cap, Thursday Boots on a Thursday and my new shades from Feltraiger and I’m out the door and ready to conquer whatever the day has to offer. This is a look that I’d feel comfortable going almost anywhere in because it’s functional, comfortable and also dressy enough to fit in at the bar or most restaurants.

Shop the look (click the words): Grey Coat and Denim: FiveFour Club; Canvas Worker Jacket: Vans; Boots: Thursday Boot Co.; Watch: MVMT Watches; Sunglasses: Feltraiger; Knit Cap: Urban Outfitters; Socks: Richer Poorer

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