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Denim on denim aka the “Canadian Tuxedo” is a move that I personally encourage on a very regular basis. It’s suitable for most all activities and gives the right amount of attitude to an otherwise simple outfit. This look can however easily drift into farmhand territory if you don’t know what you’re doing. I know great fashion is about disregarding rules, but here are mine anyways.

  1. Don’t match your washes: It doesn’t matter if the top is darker than the bottom or the bottom is darker than the top. You don’t want to wear the exact same color on both pieces…unless it’s 5 am and you’re headed to milk the cows. Self-explanatory.
  2. If you’re gonna go oversized, let it be the jacket: I much prefer a slimmer fit in my denims, although wider legs and baggier fits are coming back into style (sigh). If you want to push the boundaries a bit and go for a fashion forward look, let the jacket be baggier than the pants. If your pants are baggy and the jacket is slim, your proportions will be thrown off and the whole look will be more odd than awesome. You’ll probably look like a denim Gumby.
  3. As always, be confident! I know it’s not technically a pertinent rule, but with a look like this, you’re probably going to face some haters. Just know that they’re secretly jealous of your ability to look so damned good.

There they are! My 3 (well, 2) rules to mixing denim in a nice, simple way that’s going to show the world that you did this on purpose and you know you look good. Spring will be here soon enough, dudes. This is a perfect outfit for date night, going to the bar, errands on a weekend or even casual Friday with an oxford and knit tie. Don’t fear denim. It’s not going anywhere.

Stay smiling, my friends!


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