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Yep, I did it. I’m wearing white pants after Labor Day. Come at me, fashion police! As I’ve said before, I certainly agree with the term that fashion rules are made to be broken. The only caveat is that you must first know the rules before you can just start making bold moves.

To be honest, I think it’s an outdated and silly rule that shouldn’t be relevant anymore. The way you dress should correspond to the weather report, not the calendar. That’s why I decided to bust out my new Tommy Bahama denim, cardigan and boots. The classic brand has just released a brand new line of jeans and I’m now a big fan.

Finding denim that fits right can be tough. For me it’s often too short or too baggy, thanks to my flamingo-like limbs. These vintage slim style jeans are great for me, though. They’re not skin tight, so wearing them to the beach or someplace outdoors is comfortable, yet they’re not so wide legged that I feel outside of my own personal style and comfort zone.

One great way to wear white pants during the fall and winter is to surround them with earth tones and other darks. This will create a look that’s more appropriate to the season and not have you looking like you’re going to a rapper’s birthday party.

I wore this amazing cardigan and brown boots to round out the look. I love the cardigan because it’s such a statement piece on it’s own that it distracts from the pants. The boots are great because they’re comfortable and sturdy so I feel like I could go on a hike or trek through the sand without any worry.

Don’t fear light colored denim in fall and winter, guys. It’s a fun challenge to style and will most certainly set you apart from the majority of your peers!

Be sure to check out Tommy Bahama for this full look, and especially for their new denim line!

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