This isn’t something that’s easy for me to admit, but I’ve noticed my style start to become a bit more classic-leaning in the last few months. My natural inclinations aren’t to go as bright and bold as possible anymore. They tend to lead me down the road of wearing classic pieces in a fresh and unique way, which I’m kind of loving.

For today’s post, that classic piece previously mentioned is this new made-to-measure suit from Hockerty. Hockerty is a brand that allows you to completely design suits, tuxedos, outerwear, dress shirting, and blazers with your own personal specifications. PS, the final cost is anywhere between $260 and $650! That’s unbelievably affordable for what you’re getting.

Step 1: Fabric Selection

I was very torn when it came to selecting my fabric. They have a TON of options, a lot of which are classic colors and designs, as well as some that are a bit more bold and unique. I decided to go with this blue chalkstripe pattern because for one, I didn’t have a classic pinstripe suit, and two, it’s linen which is so much more wearable for me in LA. Something about it is so Wall Street classic, which I really enjoy then flipping it on it’s head and styling it more casually.

Step 2: Style Details

Picking your style details is where your creativity can really shine. You pick your jacket style, whether that’s a classic two button or something all the way up to a 6 button double breasted or mandarin style jacket. I chose a 2 button double breasted jacket because I thought it really leaned into that classic 80’s businessman vibe and also because I didn’t already have something like this. It’s not totally crazy, but definitely a bit more unique than a typical two button jacket.

This is the step where you’ve gotta be honest with yourself about the suit you’re creating. If it’s something you’re looking to wear on a daily basis at work then you want to get something that’s comfortable for you in that environment. You might not want to go too bold. However if you’re creating something for a special occasion that’s just a general addition to your wardrobe then I say go wild!

Some other style elements that I opted for was the peak lapels on the jacket as well as the functional sleeve buttons. These are both totally optional for your style. I liked them because it felt like a bolder move to make and I knew I was going to be styling the suit casually sometimes so the functional buttons are easier to cuff, like you see in the pic.

Step 3: Add Measurements

Hockerty allows you to enter your height, weight, and body type and they will configure sizes based on past customers, or (what I’d recommend) you can follow their video guides and have someone measure you in all of the places they require to ensure the fit is just right when you receive the suit. I went with the site’s recommendations on mine just to see how it would fit from doing that and it came a bit bigger than I would like so I had it tailored a bit and now it fits like a dream!

As our world becomes more and more casual and and most of us are not required to wear a suit as often as in the past, getting something that’s completely tailored to you, your tastes, and your perspective makes so much sense. Don’t be the guy who moans and groans when an occasion comes up where you have to wear a suit. Get something that fits you how it should and has your own personal taste and you’ll be chomping at the bit just to wear it. You’ll find yourself wanting to take your person on a nice date just to have an excuse to look good for them in your new Hockerty suit!

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This post has been in sponsorship with Hockerty, but as always, I wouldn’t be sharing it with you if I wasn’t a huge fan myself.

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