The Double Breasted Blazer


The DB is a classic style of jacket that’s typically going to have anywhere from 2-10 buttons on the front. The excess fabric is designed to cross over itself and cradle your midsection. The DB was originally designed for military uniforms so that when you sit down, the buttons don’t need to be unbuttoned. It’s a bit more high fashion or dressy than a 2 button blazer, so keep that in mind while styling. While wearing this style of jacket, the middle buttons should ALWAYS remained buttoned. Undoing them leads to a billowy jacket that’s not flattering at all. It’s up to you whether you want to button the bottom one as well, but most often people leave it undone.

The Two Button Blazer


Arguably the most original and classic, the two button blazer has been around since the 17th century. Originally the jacket was designed so that both the buttons would be used as an enclosure. Over time, the kings and high class who wore these types of jackets became too fat for their jackets and therefore only button the top button. Because of their high class status, people followed along in only buttoning the top button. Thus a trend was set. In present day, two button blazers are designed to only be buttoned with the top button. It’s become somewhat of a fashion faux pas to button both.

When sitting down in a 2 button blazer, most gentlemen will have a jacket that needs to be unbuttoned because of it’s slim fit. This is also the polite mode of behavior so as to not seem as though you’re anxious to leave.


The two button can be worn unbuttoned if it’s slim enough to not billow. They’re also very versatile when it comes to styling casually or formally.

The Three Button Blazer

3 button suit

via DarkOh Menswear

The three button blazer has begun to re-emerge onto the scene this season. It’s a bit more rare, but works nicely for taller, thinner frames. Similarly to a two button blazer, the three button can be left unbuttoned and should never have the bottom button clasped. One of the nice options regarding a three button is the availability to only use the middle button, therefore leaving a bit more slack in the lapels. You also don’t want to only use the top button unless you’re trying to make a statement, because it’s a generally understood rule that if you clasp the top button, you’ll also clasp the middle.

I know the rules are weird, but they’ve been established this way so unless you’re intentionally trying to shake things up (which is awesome, I say go for it!), you’ll want to learn the rules and try to stick to them.

Anything with more than 3 buttons that isn’t a double breasted design is too many, find a different suit.

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