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It’s something I’ve been wanting to address for quite awhile now, and that’s my process for picking an outfit. I often get asked by people where to begin with styling themselves or what goes well with what. Well, by applying my 5 step process, you ought to be able to compile a pretty solid look just about every time.

There are different things that you want to take into consideration, so here’s my list. Also, I did a Youtube video of this too if you’d prefer to watch it instead of read (that’s probably most of you…lazy bums! haha).

What Ya Doin?

First thing’s first…what are you getting dressed for? If it’s the beginning of the day, then you probably are headed to work or school, which means there are certain things you can avoid. The more you’re able to eliminate certain parts of your wardrobe, the less there is to be intimidated or confused by. On the flip side, if you’re headed out, you probably want to avoid your work clothes, so the same principle applies. Consider where you’re going and what you’re doing and that will help you head in the right direction.

Weather Not Calendar

Forget about the calendar. Not only with fashion rules like not wearing white pants after Labor Day, but also because it’s much more important to dress according to the weather report than to the calendar. If it’s in the 80’s well into October like it’s looking to be in LA, you don’t want to bust out your wool sweater. Also, if it’s going to be cold, are you going someplace that you’ll be able to take off your coat? If so, you will need to focus on your look once you arrive. If you’ll probably be wearing your coat the whole time, it’s an easy opportunity to wear a nice overcoat that does the talking all on it’s own.


As I’ve said before, one of my favorite things about fashion is its ability to relay my mood to the world around me. If I’m happy and excited, I can reflect that in my wardrobe choices with bright colors or bold moves. If I’m feeling a bit more subdued, I can wear classically understated pieces and darker colors that won’t necessarily draw as much attention to me.

PRO TIP: if you’re feeling a bit down, try pushing yourself to wear something bold or bright and see if it helps bring you out of your bad mood.

Where to Start

By picking a specific area of your clothing that you want to wear, it creates a foundation for the rest of your look. For example, I typically like to decide what shoes I prefer wearing first and then building up from there. I know that certain jeans work well with the sneakers that I choose, then I just have to find a shirt that reflects the rest of the steps, and I’m all set.


The last step can often be the most fun. This is where you start to stack on accessories like a watch, bracelets and other jewelry, sunglasses, hats, etc. It’s what will differentiate you from other people wearing similar outfits. Obviously you want to stick within your destination, so don’t go overboard at the office, but don’t ever shy away from adding a couple pieces to your look to set you apart.

That’s it! 5 quick and easy steps to creating a great outfit every time. I hope this was helpful and again, go check out the accompanying video to see the look that I put together with this process.

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