Cheers! You made it through another grueling week of work. Now it’s Friday and you’re chomping at the bit to get your weekend started, right?? Well, as usual, I like to provide you guys with a few ideas of what to wear so you can focus on letting loose and having fun, and not on sifting through your closet.

Today I’ve partnered with Aureus Shoes, a brand that specializes in creating fashionable shoes with some of the most comfortable soles you’ve ever worn. They’re engineered to be fused together rather than the simplistic glues and flimsy insoles you’re used to with a lot of other brands. Also, all of the shoes are slip ons, meaning that the laces are actually just for show. I love this because they look like real laces. A lot of other brands who have done shoes like this completely bail on laces altogether, which I’m not crazy about. I’ve styled 3 different pairs for you guys in accordance with whatever it is you have going on. Check it out! If you’re into them, you can get yourself a pair for 15% off and free shipping using code PARKER15 at checkout!

Going Out? 

Show up your friends by casually styling a suit with a lightweight henley shirt and some casual sneakers. These olive green woven slip ons are perfect because the color is a bit dressy but the comfort level is off the charts! A cotton suit is a great thing to invest in for spring and summer. Grab something in an earth tone like brown, khaki, or olive green. You’ll be surprised by how often you’re able to wear it.

Daytime Plans?

Get out a white tee, some denim shorts, and a cozy cardigan. The sweater probably won’t be necessary during the day, but you’ll be glad you have it once the sun goes down and you’re having too much fun at the park to call it quits. I like the two toned wingtip sneaker for this look because its a great way to take an otherwise extremely casual outfit and class it up just a tad. You could easily sub out the shorts for pants and be ready to hit the town for a casual night out as well.

Running Errands or Working Out?

A full tracksuit is a totally back in style! It’s cozy, stylish, and really functional for a day of errands or a light run. I styled mine with a basic white tee and this tote bag for grabbing a few things at the farmer’s market or whatever it is you have going on. I’m absolutely loving these woven high top plaid sneakers. I wore solid navy so that the shoes could be a nice pop of alternative. It’s the blank canvas effect that I’ve spoken about before. Use a solid color to allow for a single item in your outfit to be the statement piece.

That’s three looks! AKA as many as you need for a weekend. You could do a suit on Friday and Saturday night if you’re hanging out with different people, the shorts and cardigan on Saturday afternoon, and the track suit will work all day Sunday. Boom! Now you can focus on what you’re going to be doing instead of getting frustrated over the fact that you can’t decide what to wear.


Don’t forget to check out Aureus Shoes for some really sweet slip on designs that are awesomely comfortable. Also, don’t forget about the 15% off and free shipping for using code PARKER15!

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