Phelps has already won gold, which means the Olympics are in full swing. It’s a pretty exciting time in the USA, with flags and banners hanging from all sorts of places. I don’t think anyone would deny we’re one of the proudest nations in the world. Whereas pride is a beautiful thing, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in it and find yourself wearing a full on American flag jumpsuit (which actually sounds amazing).

I’m here to discuss some things you can try to support your country without sacrificing your style. I’m American, so I’ll be discussing red, white and blue, but your country’s colors can easily be swapped in to make things more appropriate for you.

First, throw on some loud shoes! Red is a bold color so going too heavy on it can be a little too much. I love these driving mocs from Steve Madden because of their ability to be classy and still a bit loud. With an otherwise toned down look, bold shoes are always a fun way to add a pop of color.


Next, a belt that supports your country’s colors is a pretty great way to support. This one from FH Wadsworth is a lightweight piece that’s really comfortable and functional. Also, just because gold doesn’t fit within your country’s flag, don’t act like it’s not an important color at the Olympics. Ricky Bobby’s dad said it best, “If you’re not first…you’re last.” (I don’t actually agree with that, even making it to the Olympics is about as amazing as it gets.)


White denim! If you’re not already the proud owner of some (at least) off-white denim, you better start shopping around. They’re such a versatile pant when it comes to spring, summer and early fall outfits. White jeans work well with a tee, sweater, or shirt and tie, so don’t be scared of being different and invest in some white jeans. These are from Uniqlo and were only like $35 on sale.


Thrown together with a blue shirt like this simple one from Bourbon and Blue, and you’re decked out in red, white and blue without looking like a Tommy Hilfiger ad circa 1996 (although this stuff is totally coming back into style). It’s a casual look with pops of color that create a fun aesthetic for the Olympics but also works as a summer day look once the Olympics have finished.


Shop the look below:

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