There’s been an EXPLOSION of “ugly christmas” clothing over the last few years and understandably so…it’s a really fun way to dress. Tacky can also still be stylish as I plan to show you today with this full look from Walmart.

The best place to start is with the tackiest piece and then work your way around that. This blazer and tie set from Walmart were the perfect option for me to be able to walk into the party, announce my entrance with a hearty “MY PRESENCE IS A PRESENT”.  I bought a size medium and it fit like a dream. Now that I had my tackiness covered, I needed to surround it with something a bit more regular to complete the look.

A clean white shirt is tough to beat for the classic nature as well as the stylishness, so this white button up shirt from George was just what I needed. It allows the tie and jacket to pop and still lets me feel pretty darn classy. Since there was a base of black in the jacket, I knew what to find for my pants…
…slim fit, black dress pants. They’re classic. They’re stylish. They’re comfortable. Can’t go wrong. This pair from Walmart was only $16 so I couldn’t resist. This is the type of piece that you’ll get a TON of wear out of – so it’s a great addition to a holiday look and a great way to spend your money.

That covers the entire outfit, but I knew in order to add some of my own personality to the look I needed some accessories.

Touchscreen gloves like this pair (which came in a set with the scarf and a matching hat) are absolutely essential during the colder months of the year. Have you tried using your phone with regular gloves? If so, you know it doesn’t work and it’s ridiculously annoying having to take your glove off every time you want to take an Instagram story. I made sure to grab red because I knew that they’d match with my outfit but would also be useable again in the future.

Finally, I saw this calculator watch and couldn’t resist. I felt like it added something to my look and also fit the vibe that I was creating perfectly. Now I can easily keep track of how much I’m spending on gifts without having to worry about pulling out my phone to check my bank app.

The holidays are meant to be fun. Sure, they can be stressful. Family is tough sometimes, travel is always a little annoying, and if Santa doesn’t hook it up you might get a bit upset. By taking control of the holiday season and dressing in a fun way, you’ll drastically increase the likelihood of enjoying yourself and when there are political arguments and greedy kids happening simultaneously, you’ll need all the help you can get.

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Here are a couple of my other favorite “Ugly” Christmas clothing options from Walmart: Jacket and Tie Set, Hooded Elf Sweater

Shop the full look below. The entire thing was awesomely inexpensive, all thanks to Walmart.

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