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To be completely honest with you, I sometimes find dressing during fall overwhelming. Mainly because I can go in so many different directions. Maybe I’m feeling dressy, so I can go with a blazer and trousers. Maybe I’m feeling sporty and I can wear some sweatpants and a hoodie. Otherwise maybe I’m feeling a bit edgy and I can combine a street inspired look with something more traditionally outdoorsy. Regardless of your personal choices, today’s post sponsor, Walmart, will have you styling.

As you can see from the photos, I opted for that last mood. When the weather is starting to chill out, there’s just something about mixing style genres that really excites me. This orange and brown plaid shirt and brown hoodie from Walmart are something you’d normally see in a traditionally outdoorsy look. Something you’d wear on the farm to stay warm.

Then you throw on these front cargo nylon pants and it becomes an entirely different look. These are the type of pants you’d see in more streetwear/edgy outfits. Knowing that you can combine things from different traditional genres will extend the life of your closet exponentially.

Once you have the base of your outfit picked out, you can move onto accessories. If you’re trying to keep things relatively tame, don’t over-accessorize. A clean watch like this Timex from Walmart makes a statement but isn’t overly bold. The outfit as a whole has enough boldness that you don’t need to go too heavy on the accessories. Clean and simple is all you need.

Basically put, don’t feel like you need to buy a completely separate wardrobe for every style genre. Shopping at Walmart, with their awesome prices, and being smart about what you buy will allow you to shift between genres easily. You can wear a look that fits into the location and crowd that you’re entering – all at a really affordable price point.

Be sure to check out Walmart Fashion for a ton of great deals on all kinds of excellent fall/winter clothes.

Shop the entire look below, as well as a neutral alternative or in the links throughout the post:

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