I recently partnered up with Swisse Wellness to try out and showcase some of their products. They’ve sponsored this post, but as always, I wouldn’t be sharing if I didn’t love it myself.

Let’s start off broadly. Dudes of the world, if you’re STILL not going above and beyond to take care of your skin, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? Not only are you depriving yourself of aging more gracefully over time, but you’re not looking (and therefore) feeling your best. It doesn’t take much, just a few minor tweaks to your existing routine, and voila – you’re looking better already!

The first product that I tried was the Matcha Tea Clarifying Clay Mask. I’ll be honest, I’m relatively new to masks and they do still sort of make me feel like I’m a kid getting my face painted, but this one worked really well. It hardens on your face so you can feel it tightening your skin and then when you wash it off you remove ALL of the excess dead skin on your face. This leaves the whole area brightened and refreshed for the next day or two.

All you do is unscrew the top, use your fingers to spread the mask around in a thin, even layer, then you’re good! Wait about 10-15 minutes and wash it off. Don’t forget to throw on some moisturizer afterwards to help fully rehydrate your skin. Doing a quick mask while you’re watching TV at night or first thing in the morning while you make breakfast is too easy to deny. It’s going to make your skin shine! Who doesn’t want their face to look better? That’s correct – no one.

I like this Matcha mask because it’s specifically created for sensitive skin, which is a category I definitely fall into. I don’t want my skin looking irritated or red so knowing I won’t have to worry about that is really helpful.

Focus Boost

In addition to the clay masks, I’m also now a HUGE fan of Swisse Focus Boost Jellies. They come in little packs that are extremely easy to carry with you. Just pop a jelly or two (they’re a lot like candy, tbh) and work as a really nice brain boost before a big meeting, test, or anytime you need to really be as focused as possible. As you can see from the photo, I’m always doing at least 2-3 things at once. It can be pretty distracting. These boosts help me stay as focused as necessary on each individual task so I can be sure I’m always doing my best work.

Regardless of whether you want to be taking better care of your insides or your outsides, Swisse Wellness has you covered. I would highly recommend these products, but they have a ton of other great stuff as well if you’re looking for a beauty boost, an immune boost, or a multivitamin. It’s time to start taking care of yourself, people! Don’t let nature run it’s course without doing everything you can to look and feel your best.

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