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Oh my goooodnessssssss!! I’ve done my first styling video to accompany my posts. Gonna try to start doing more video/vlog style stuff, so please CLICK HERE to check it out!

It’s time to bust out of those comfort zones, fellas! Today I styled this oversized cardigan that I’ve been wanting to wear for over a year! I was too scared and intimidated so I could never figure out how to make it happen…until today!

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you all have your own “oversized cardigan” in life. It might be a specific suit, it might be a specific shirt, but if it’s sitting in your closet staring back at you but you can’t seem to figure out how to incorporate it to make yourself feel comfortable, today’s the day! I’d tried all sorts of other ways to wear this thing. I tried it with a shirt and tie, I tried it with all black, I tried it with shorts and nothing worked.

Rule number one for making a piece work that confuses or intimidates you is keeping the surrounding pieces of your outfit as SIMPLE as possible. As you can see, I threw on a white tee, some green chinos and white sneakers. The details are what sets me apart (aside from this ENORMOUS sweater).

Remember, the ultimate goal here is to create your own sense of style, so grab that crazy piece by the horns and style it out! Try different things. Wear it around the house and see how you feel. If it’s giving you weird vibes, change something.

I’d love to hear about what your version of the “oversized cardigan” is! Find me on social media at @parkeryorksmith or email me your thoughts to parker@thelooksmith.com!

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