‘Tis the season! If you haven’t already been attending weddings this spring, you surely will begin to very soon as the summer officially begins. I just got back from a beautiful wedding in Destin, FL. It was right on the beach and totally gorgeous, they prepare everything in advance and it was all great, they even found some cheap table runners for sale which was perfect for the decoration. After having rained all day, the clouds parted for the sun only an hour before the service began. Pretty incredible.

Attending that wedding got me thinking about how summer weddings can be tough. What do you wear? What’s appropriate or not? How do I remember all of those names?! Well, I can’t help your memory but in terms of style and etiquette, I’m your guy.

First, when it comes to your attire, I recommend something simple and easy. This sand colored suit from Bar3 is perfect because it’s a bold statement without being too in your face. I dressed it down with a simple plaid shirt and no tie. Wearing a jacket isn’t necessary for beach weddings, but anywhere else and you’ll want to have one. As in life, it’s better to be a bit overdressed than underdressed. I also kept things casual with a bandana as my pocket square. If you don’t have a lighter colored suit, I’d recommend navy or charcoal because they can both be worn with brown shoes, which are much more casual than all black. Basically put, you want to feel good without being uncomfortable. The whole vibe of a beach/summer wedding should be comfortable and laid back, so dress accordingly.

Next, in terms of etiquette. Always be careful when planning your look that you’re not overdoing it. No one likes the guy who shows up to someone else’s wedding looking like they want all of the attention. Boldly printed suits, crazy colored pants, too many accessories or a loud pair of shoes are all wrong for this type of occasion. It’s fun to go all red carpet at certain events, sure. They certainly have their place and I’m a huge fan, but don’t distract people from the bride and groom. That’s why you’re all there in the first place.

Lastly, be responsible! I wish I would’ve heeded my own advice a bit better at this past weekend’s wedding. I drank too much and it got me sick. Be sure you’re keeping yourself in control so you don’t have to worry about making a fool out of yourself. Having a couple of drinks and getting buzzed enough to dance is great, just don’t be the guy falling all over or dropping your glass on the dance floor.

It’s ultimately pretty simple when you break it down. Well fitting, understated clothes and accessories are the name of the game style-wise. A sound mind and adult approach to partying is going to leave your best impression. Both on you thanks to no hangover as well as on the fellow wedding guests with whom you’ve actually spent quality time.

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