Easily one of my favorite things about summer is the ability to bust out a lot of fun accessories. One of the best (and most important) pieces in my wardrobe during summer are my sunglasses. They’re such a great extension of an outfit while also protecting your eyes and face from the harsh sun.

Trust me, I understand how hard it can be to find the right pair of shades. Shape, color, material and price are all contributing factors into finding that right pair for you. My recommendation would be to shop around a bit and don’t be afraid to try on EVERYTHING. The worst mistake you can make is to judge glasses on the rack. Put them on. Even if they look totally silly, at least now you know.

Glasses can get a little ridiculous when it comes to price, I get it. For those of you who don’t have a lot to spend but want to get something quality and fashionable, I’d recommend checking out these brands…

Oh! One last thing, when you buy some glasses, don’t be afraid to take them into your local sunglass store and have them properly shaped and fitted for your face. It should be free of charge and when they fit right, you’ll notice a major difference.

Blenders Eyewear

BlendersAviator BlendersPurple

Blenders offers on-trend, polarized and non-polarized glasses for around $45 and under. They’re made with quality material and a great lens. I’d recommend these for some of your slightly trendy, but also still timeless pieces that you plan on keeping in your rotation for more than just this summer.

Warby Parker

WarbyParker2 WarbyParker1

Now a staple in the eyewear industry, Warby churns out amazing styles for $95 and up. Awesome quality materials and lenses will be included in any pair you choose. Also, they offer a try-before-buy feature where you can pick 5 styles from their website, have them shipped to you for free, find the pair you like the most and then ship them back free. It’s a great way to know that you’re getting something you’ll love.

Zero UV

ZeroUVBlue ZeroUVAviator

Zero UV is the most affordable brand of the bunch. They churn out TONS of different styles with quality materials priced from $10-$20. I love a brand like this for picking up trendy styles. That way, if the bold colors or designs that are popular this year go out of style, I won’t be pissed that I dropped $200 on glasses that I’m not going to wear anymore.



Komono has established itself as a trustworthy brand for trendy and timeless sunglasses and watches over the last few years. They push the boundaries with a lot of their stuff while remaining true to the Wayfarer and Clubmaster styles we all know and love. These clear, rounded frames with the silver temples are trendy but not to the point where they’ll no longer be in style a few years from now. Komono’s prices range from $70-$120, so they’re an investment but one that’s well worth it thanks to their quality.

Original Penguin


Many classic menswear brands have thrown sunglasses into their roster over the years. Original Penguin, in my opinion, has done it better than most. They’re classically American aesthetic shines through with their designs. Some are trendier than others, but they all are very high quality and will run you around $75. I love these rounded metal frames because of the hint of tortoise shell around the upper rim. Small touches like this are what will set you apart from everyone else wearing styles that you’ve likely been heavily exposed to.

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Stay smiling, my friends! Protect those peepers.


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