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Believe it or not, I have some difficulty styling myself in shorts. I’ve spent years being self-conscious of my legs, thinking they were too skinny, and neglected exerting the effort to learn what makes me feel good when it comes to styling shorts. Thankfully, affordable brands like Free Assembly from Walmart allow me to practice without having to spend a lot of money.

What I realized is that styling shorts with long sleeves on top makes things a lot easier for me. Especially in this transitional time of year right before summer starts.

I started with these maroon corduroy shorts from Free Assembly and wanted to make them the statement pieces of my outfit, so I decided to pair them with this striped long sleeve sweatshirt in white and grey (aka a neutral color) and then stick within a similar color palette with the grey zip up jacket. This way it allows the shorts to be a pop of color but I’m still getting some nice texture with the stripes on the top. If it’s already too warm for a jacket where you live, you could easily just wear the sweatshirt and the shorts and still look great. Also, anytime you’re wearing a casual outfit like this, white sneakers like these ones will always look really good.

Another move that I really enjoy is matching my shorts and my jacket. It creates a bit more of a cohesive look that almost feels a bit like a suit with a summery-twist. I started with these awesome fatigue shorts from Free Assembly in the beige moon color because I wanted to be sure I got something versatile that would match with a lot of other pieces in my closet.

Then I matched them with this lightweight Chore Jacket that almost just feels like an overshirt. The fact that I had matching colors in my top and bottom meant that I definitely needed a pop of color thrown in, and this green and white striped t-shirt worked perfectly. Again, just to keep things nice and simple I wore a similar pair of sneakers in a white color like these from Walmart.

Overall, I’m feeling a LOT more confident styling shorts because I’ve figured out that wearing them in my own way makes me look great and feel really good about my outfits. Each of these looks was put together for under $50. Free Assembly at Walmart has SO much good stuff. You guys definitely need to check it out. One other thing that I got and didn’t get the chance to style but absolutely LOVE is this Free Assembly Hoodie. It’s a super comfortable and extremely versatile piece.

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