I’m not, by any means, a super masculine guy. The extent of my knowledge about cars is how to change a tire. That being said, I find that as I grow older, I tend to feel most comfortable in a more masculine style of clothing. I love the feel of a quality pair of denim and a well made pair of boots. They make me look more manly which in turn causes me to act as such. Since I’m a shoe fiend, I found that it all started with the boots.

Owning a really great pair of boots was like a right of passage into manhood for me. I personally went through many stages of fashion development, from casual to oversized to preppy to hipster. I’ve had all sorts of different types of shoes to coordinate with my style choices. Once I spent some extra money on a high end pair of boots that break in beautifully, I felt like my style began to express me perfectly.

There are tons of different styles of boots, but these suede lace-ups from Crosby Square ( are probably the nicest pair in my (somewhat ridiculous) arsenal. Their handmade quality shines. The suede is awesomely soft, the leather is a great shade of brown that I can’t wait to see wear in further and the heel feels like it’s gonna take some work to wear out. They immediately grab your attention because of the detailing. The beautiful construction and design in an otherwise common styling sets them apart from the thousands of other boots options out there. Buying a really nice pair of boots is worth it because with the right care, they will literally last you a lifetime. Invest in some suede protector, a nice shoe brush and the very occasional resole and you’re set.

Crosby Square makes all sorts of high end men’s shoes. Definitely recommend clicking here and checking them out for your next favorite dress shoe or boot.

Shop the Look: Boots: Crosby Square, Watch: Timex Expedition Scout, Jeans: Levi’s 511 (similar), Shirt: Gap, Jacket: Vintage (similar)

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