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Raincoat (2 of 7)

“OMGGGGG!!! Alert the authorities!! It’s raining in LA!!!” – everyone in LA

If you don’t already know this, people freak the F*CK out when it rains here. Considering it’s only like 10 times a year or something, I suppose it’s slightly understandable, but having grown up in Ohio and experienced all of the seasons, rain is a welcomed change for me.

Seasonal differences immediately bring up one thing in my mind…DIFFERENT FASHION OPTIONS! (Haha, said in the “Orange Mocha-Latte Frappucinos!” voice from Zoolander) Today I want to talk about how to stay stylish in the rain (and snow) because it can be difficult.

Firstly, the Raincoat! Everyone needs one, even if you live in a city where it only rains 10 times a year. I suggest getting one that’s very lightweight so that you can wear it anytime of year. In the winter, layer it with a chunky sweater and a scarf. In the summer, throw it on over your t-shirt.

I like straight leg denim when it rains because there are few things in this world that are worse than wet skinny jeans. I typically always go for a slimmer leg, but the extra room in a straight leg pair is welcomed for comfort and mobility in the rain.

A hat of some sort is essential for me when it’s raining. My hair does NOT do well wet. It curls up and does whatever it wants, so I figure just covering it is the best option. I went with a beanie because it was a BIT chilly, but a snapback or fedora works great too (as long as you’re ok with them getting wet).

BOOTS! When it’s wet outside, boots are the only option for me. They’re not going to get ruined like sneakers might. They’re going to keep your feet dryer and therefore warmer, and they have better traction in the elements. Don’t come crying to me when you slip on your ass because you’re wearing some Chucks. Don’t shy away from classic duck boots or shin high rain boots, either. They’re sweet!

As usual, it’s a basic outfit that I’ve styled in a fun way to stay fashionable, functional and as dry as possible.

Let me know some ways that you like to dress in the rain! Find me on social media @parkeryorksmith or email me at parker@thelooksmith.com!

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