Quality vs. quantity is a big thing these days in fashion and lifestyle. So many brands, so many options…it’s easy to grab just about whatever you want and save money on it. This has almost always been my way of life, until now. It took me a long time to realize that paying a little more for something and knowing that it will last is much more valuable than saving the money on it in the original purchase. Slightly more expensive options should be better constructed and fit you in ways that cheaper brands will never be able to. Do your research, go try things on, experience the difference.

What do you like to put on first thing in the morning? Do you have a routine? Maybe the same t-shirt and shorts you’ve been wearing to bed since college? Up until this past holiday, lounge clothes were somewhat of a grey area for me (which they still are…because the color of my stuff..get it?!?). Typically they consisted of whatever the baggiest, least-smell-like-a-garbage-can thing I saw on the floor was when I woke up. In talking to friends, I think this is a pretty common theme for dudes. Well not no mo’!

I said “up until this past holiday” because my girlfriend was awesome enough to gift me a new robe and slippers from Ugg Australia. I’m honestly not kidding you in saying that they’ve changed my life for the better. I know that sounds extreme but I’m being dead serious. This robe and these slippers are the most comfortable things I’ve ever eaten breakfast in.

The slippers are a pretty popular item from Ugg. Obviously the “boots with the fur” have been a white girl staple for years. I was never a slipper person, personally. I thought they were too hot or they’d make my feet sweat and start to stink. These are fantastic because they keep my feet toasty but somehow don’t cause them to sweat. They also allow me the freedom to take my dogs outside and keep on trucking with the rest of my day, which I love.

The slippers are fantastic, but you guys…this robe…I’m struggling to find the words because I love it so much. The lining is incredibly soft. It’s loose enough for maximum comfort but snug enough that it doesn’t feel heavy. The hood is huge! It sits right around the knee rather than draping all the way to the floor. Essentially it’s the perfect robe. They have a variety of colors, too.

What I’m telling you here is that you should spend some money on luxury loungewear. The quality of the fabrics and the design are going to make you feel better about yourself because you’re so comfortable. You’ll jump out of bed when your alarm goes off because you’re so excited to put the stuff back on…if you didn’t already sleep in it to begin with. Not everything in fashion is worth spending a bunch of money on, but the Ugg slippers and robe are definitely worth every penny!

Click here to check out the robe and slippers on Ugg’s website!

Stay smiling, my friends!


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