I recently scored this (saweeeeeet) embroidered denim jacket from BooHooMan and personally, I’m loving it. I wanted to put out the feelers to see if you guys were also into it or if I’m just weird (or at least more than I already knew).

A lot of high end designers like Gucci and YSL are putting out their own version of embroidered pieces and I’m really digging the trend. Whereas we used to have to find patches and put them on ourselves, having the piece come already embroidered is a way to immediately allow you to stand out with something that might otherwise be pretty standard or run of the mill. Also, the embroidery work on this jacket is way more intricate than a lot of patches out there. It’s such a cool way to stylize yourself in a unique way.

If you’re down with the embroidered trend, a perfect way to style a jacket like this is with another classic piece, some jeans. These distressed jeans are also from BooHoo, and I dig the way they take the fancier jacket and bring things back down to an edgier vibe. If you wanted to go a bit more formal, you could easily pair this jacket with some chinos or trousers, too. Throw in some dress shoes and you’re styling!

You know I had to add in one more pop of color, so I opted for these metallic gold slip ons from Greats Brand. It felt like a really fun way to add a bit more personality to the look. The jacket could easily do all of the talking, but adding in the bright sneakers really takes things to the next level. If you’re out there trying to make statements with your style, don’t be satisfied with just one bold move. Go for two that still compliment each other nicely!

As a base layer, I went with a lightweight tank top from Old Fame because it was extremely comfortable and didn’t cause me to get too hot with the jacket on.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the embroidery trend and also how you would style a jacket like this!! Find me on social media @parkeryorksmith and let me know.

Be sure to check out BooHooMan for a ton of great, extremely affordable fashion choices. They’re one of my go-to’s for trendier pieces like this jacket.

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