Mondays, am I right?! For the majority of my adult life, I’ve struggled with Mondays. Even though I don’t necessarily work a traditional job with traditional hours, I do my best to get my work done during the day time so that I can relax and be a normal person in the evenings. Monday mornings and afternoons drag. They have a definite fog around them that no other day of the week possesses. I can’t even imagine having just returned from Coachella and having to wake up at 7 am this morning to get ready for work. However, as I was drinking my coffee this morning, something hit me. After much deliberation and strife, I think I’ve finally unlocked my personal secret to overcoming the dreaded Monday curse. Dressing up.

Getting dressed up, for me, is a rarity. I’m in full support of a well fitting suit, but something about strapping a tie on isn’t what comes naturally to me. That being said, I’ve realized that by breaking out of my comfort zone to experiment with getting dressed up on Mondays, I’m setting myself up for success. I took the effort to look nice, so why not continue my habit of putting in a bit of extra effort with everything in my life on Monday? Next thing I knew, I had a strut in my stride as I headed to run a few errands. I noticed some heads turn at the CVS and it made me forget all about Monday. I started to realize that by projecting an attitude of confidence to the universe, I was rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment that actually made me happy it was Monday because I knew I had the full week left to get things done. From now on, I’ll be looking forward to Mondays as the day that I (try to) get dressed up.

My monthly Harrison Blake Apparel box made getting dressed up today much easier thanks to this necktie and four additional accessories (www.harrisonblakeapparel.com). Also, getting to wear my Combat Gent (www.combatgent.com) clothes is always a welcome occurrence. I finished it off with these red leather slip ons from Steve Madden (here) and my summer straw fedora from Goorin Bros (here). Nothing over the top fancy, but definitely a step up from my typical t-shirt and jeans.

Let me know your Monday tricks in the comment section below!

HarrisonBlake3 HarrisonBlake5 HarrisonBlake6

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