I’m so excited about it starting to become fall! No more sweating through all of my clothes, no more dreading having to go anywhere because of it being so damn hot and best of all, layered outfits! Now before I get too excited and run outside in a shearling leather coat, let me pump the brakes and discuss how I like to prep myself for a full day of life when the weather is in transitional mode. For me, I’m often leaving the house in the morning and popping from meeting to meeting. Next thing I know it’s 5 or 6 o’clock and I’m still out and about (or oot and aboot, for my potential soon-to-be Canadian pals). I know you’ve probably been there on a Saturday or Sunday where errands take you all the way into dinner or drinks out with friends, too. If this is a similar situation you find yourself in, then listen up!

Let’s start with the waist up. I always start things off with a crazy comfortable first layer. I just picked up this pocket tee from Sharply and it’s so soft. It feels more like pajamas than something I can wear in public without anyone staring. I like the slightly acid washed tone and I always love a good pocket tee. A shirt like this will get you through the mid-day when the sun is at it’s peak. Grab a nice button up or a sweater and tie it around your waist for if you’re headed someplace that you want to be slightly more dressy or if you get a little chilly later in the evening. I like to bring a hat like this one from MyClo because it’s stylish and works great if it starts to rain or if my hair decides to start actin’ a fool.

Next, for the waist down, pick up some mid-weight denim. These jeans from PRPS are 13 oz so they’re gonna keep me pretty toasty in most any fall weather. You may want to go with something a bit lighter, but I’m trying to break these in right now. Well crafted boots are always a great option for a full day because they’re comfortable, stylish and functional if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. Mine are from Wolverine and I can’t believe how comfortable they are even on the first wear. I’m really looking forward to beating them up a bit and putting some miles on them.

Ultimately, having options doesn’t require a multitude of outfit changes throughout your day. It’s easy to take yourself from a casual morning getup to something that can be dressed up for the bar or an evening event. Be smart about what you’re dressing in, dudes. Don’t just wear it because that’s what everyone else is wearing!

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