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For the longest time I stayed away from shirts and ties because they felt, well, boring. A plain ass suit with a plain ass shirt and a plain ass tie? NOPE! I rushed to judge before ever really taking any time to get to know the market. I was much more in tune with being casual because it was easier for me. I didn’t have to step outside of my comfort zone.

Now, as I’ve started to become more and more involved in this industry, I’ve gotten the opportunity to try some new brands and also have become more willing to try new things.

The first thing I realized when I started to be honest with myself was that I kind of loved wearing a suit and tie. It’s not something I want to do on a daily basis, but having them available and knowing the way they’ll make me feel is a great option to have.

Today, I wanted to showcase a fun way to express yourself on casual Friday, or any day for that matter.

I started with the shirt. I knew it was too crazy for me to be worn on it’s own, so I figured that it could be a fun layering piece under a jacket. It easily could’ve worked with a denim jacket or a dark bomber, but I chose the lightweight blazer.

With a shirt as bold as this, you want to pick a tie that’s plain and simple, like this solid navy. Anything patterned or too loud will clash with the shirt.

I went with the ripped jeans to sneak in some casual vibes because they contrast the otherwise somewhat formalness of the look. You probably don’t want to wear these to work, but a heavily faded wash is great for the transitional time into fall.

Lastly, these navy suede bucks were a perfect compliment to the outfit for me. They’re on the casual side of dressy, but not so much as sneakers.

Once you have the base of the look put together, have some fun with accessories. I chose a bright colored lapel pin that matches my watch strap and a beaded bracelet.

It’s all about taking things step by step, dudes! Start with one piece and build around it.

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Shop the look:

Combat Gent Blazer – Kato Brand Denim – New Republic Shoes – Batch Shirt – Strong Suit Tie

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