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If you didn’t already know, I’m originally from Cincinnati, OH. I’m VERY proud of my hometown. I’m a diehard local sports fan, foodie and overall lover of all things 513. Any chance I get to work together with a brand in general is exciting, but today I’m extremely excited to discuss my collaboration with Frameri, a Cincinnati-based eyewear company who’ve thrown their hats into the proverbial ring of affordable eyewear.

I’ve worn glasses and contacts since the 3rd grade, so I’m very familiar with a lot of the brands out there. Growing up, getting new glasses was always a once every couple of years thing for me. They were expensive, delicate, and took a good amount of time to be ready once I finally made the decision of which pair I wanted. Companies like Frameri have changed all of that. Handmade Italian frames delivered directly to your door at a very low cost ($99). You can give them your prescription and they create custom lens for you for an additional $50. The coolest part is that the lenses for the different styles of frame are interchangeable. For instance, with these frames, the Magellan in black, I could purchase the optical prescription lenses (as shown) but then also purchase a pair of tinted sunglass lenses that will also fit easily into the same frame. I just have to pop the lenses out and replace them with the other pair, therefore I have the option of wearing my same frame as a sunglass or an eyeglass without having to wait 30 minutes for my lenses to fade or having to carry around a second pair of glasses.

They have several different styles for men and women. No matter what shape your face is, there’s something for you. Their website offers a virtual try on, which I found to be one of the most accurate try-on’s I’d ever used.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to give yourself some options as a glasses-wearer. There’s no reason to be stricken to one pair of frames when you can get other options and colors for the same price as a new pair of shoes. I bet you have multiple shoe options, why not glasses??

Frameri’s customer service is fantastic. They’re a locally owned and operated business. Why not give them a try? After all, they were on Shark Tank and Mark Cuban loved them.

What are your thoughts on these frames??

Stay smiling, my friends!


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