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As usual, summer flew by here in LA. However, that doesn’t mean the heat is gone. Similar to most people I talk to, I’m also ready to bust out my sweaters and jackets for the fall, but for the time being I’ve gotta suck it up and deal with what I’m given.

I just picked up these brand new Chuck Taylor II’s recently and I’m basically obsessed. They’ve been redesigned with a Lunarlon insole, elastic tongue stabilizers and a cushioned upper. Essentially, Converse took the classic shoe and gave it some 21st century updates while keeping the classic silhouette. I can’t wait to break them in further and dirty them up a bit.

I decided to match them up with a nice summer layer up top. The tank top under the short sleeve button up is a move that I love but rarely think to pull. It’s great because you stay cooler than if you had the shirt buttoned up, but you also don’t have to be the guy trying to show off your guns in a tank top all day. It’s a simple look that goes great for day errands or a casual night out.

I just picked up this hat from Urban for $5 on sale too. It’s very lightweight, made of a cotton and linen blend. I like how it goes with the simple whites in the outfit while still adding a pop of neutral color on it’s own.

A chunky beaded bracelet is a fun accessory for this look because of everything else being so casual and basic.

Stay strong, fellas! It’s almost fall. We’ll be layering up and feeling great soon enough.

What are your thoughts on the look?? Share in the comments!

Stay smiling, my friends!


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