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Anyone, man or woman, who claims to be into fashion needs to have a special place in their heart for vintage clothing and accessories. Some of my fondest memories of first being old enough to be shopping for myself are going to Goodwill or St. Vincent dePaul and scoring a vintage jersey or jacket that was unlike anything else I could find in the store. There’s a rush you feel when you find something that fits you in an interesting way or is designed in a way that just doesn’t exist anymore. Vintage shopping is also a great way to save money on certain pieces like blazers, dress pants and casual jackets. Simply find something that you like, take it to the tailor and they can fit it to you like it was made for your body in the first place.

This vintage western shirt from Wrangler has been in my closet for years. I was immediately drawn to the bright colors in the pattern and how they popped off of the black background of the shirt. It has a fun navajo vibe to it, and I also love the snap buttons. I like to cuff the sleeves for a bit of a rockabilly touch, but it also works great as a base under a denim jacket or a cardigan. HINT: I never like to wear shirts with snap buttons under a normal sweater, unless it’s thick and chunky) because the buttons show through the material and tend to look a bit odd.

I liked how these red chinos from Zara balanced with the slight reds in the shirt, so the pants were a fun way to stay with the bright vibes of the outfit. The simple grey-black perforated shoes from Steve Madden are a simple touch that close out the look with style.

You guys know that with a simple outfit like this, I like to go heavy on the accessories, so two rings, and the beaded bracelet were a cool addition. I’ve also been using more tote bags lately and I love this one from a flea market I attended awhile back. It’s a taco man and he’s saying “Hey Girl”, haha, as if he’s just asking a lady to eat him right up.

What are some of your favorite vintage items to shop for??

Thanks for reading!

Stay smiling, my friends!


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I'm Parker York Smith, a curious dude still very much figuring everything out. I hail from the Midwest but have been dwelling in Los Angeles for the last few years being a pretty stereotypical west coast transplant. I'm a fashion geek, I love to walk (a LOT) and I do my best to find the bright side. I'm extremely excited about this blog and hope that (with some hard work and luck) it turns into what I believe it can. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please get in touch with me via my social networks (which can be found in the sidebar) or email me at

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