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Summer is officially over! It’s a bittersweet thing to say when I think back on all the pool parties and brunch buzzes, but I must admit I’m ready for some fall weather. Layers, scarves, hats, jackets…weeeeeeeee!!! Today is the first day of fall, so I wanted to talk about a couple of my basic rules when it comes to early fall fashion.

1) White shoes work post-summer: I’m sure you’ve probably seen me rocking multiple different pairs of white sneakers this summer. These low top Bab’s from Greats are some of my favorite because they’re super comfortable, lightweight and only $50. I’m a firm believer that white shoes get better with age. Don’t be afraid of getting them dirty. I’m not saying go splash around in some puddles (although that does sound fun), but also don’t be the guy who needs a 3 foot buffer because he doesn’t want anyone scuffing his toe. Contrast the white shoe with a dark outfit and they provide a cool pop of color.

2) Invest in some non-denim, non-chino pants: Fall is awesome. It’s the most cozy season of year because it’s not bone-chillingly cold but it’s also not sweltering hot. So many different designers are putting out new takes on classic styles of pants that you’d be foolish not to at least dabble. These are from Thing, Thing, a New Zealand based brand that specializes in twisting up the normality. The drop crotch adds space for comfort and the cargo pockets are awesomely accessible. Cargos are back, dudes. Quit trying to deny them.

3) Long sleeve t-shirts are your new best friend: The world of basics has never been better. There are seemingly infinite brands putting out basic tees at every level of consumer. If you want to spend $500 on a t-shirt, it’s available. If you want to spend $5, it’s out there. I’d recommend landing somewhere between those two. This one is from Michael Stars Man. MS is a killer in the basics game. They’re slightly higher end, but worth every penny when it comes to comfort and fit. I love the wider neckline and length of this shirt. The textured feel is a cool addition as well. Long sleeve t-shirts work great when layering or as a standout piece of their own, too. Find a brand you like and can afford then buy one in several different colors.

What are your thoughts on this simple fall look??

Stay smiling, my friends!


Links to shop the look: Michael Stars Man, Thing Thing, Greats Brand

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