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Summer is coming to a close already (can’t believe it). That being said, temperatures in LA have remained sky-high. When it’s this hot, sometimes you’ve gotta figure out new and interesting ways to diversify from the typical summer outfit.

I’ve about worn out my shorts and t-shirt drawers this summer, so I said screw it and decided to share an old favorite of mine, the waistcoat aka vest, with you. A good vest should be a staple in any guy’s closet. It’s a functional piece that often gets overlooked or paired with a suit, but oftentimes I find a vest to be better on it’s own. This one is old, I’m talking close to 10 years old, from Banana Republic. It’s a great alternative to a jacket in the summertime and fall when the temperatures drop in the evening but are still high during the day. Notice how I match it with the boots? Simple touches like this make the outfit pop when in reality it’s only 4 pieces. You don’t have to buy a full suit to get a good vest, either. Shop around. Places like Gap, Banana Republic, J. Crew and Topshop are all great for buying individual pieces.

When wearing a vest, a long sleeve or a short sleeve button up (even a t-shirt) can work. I opted for short sleeved because of the heat. This simple white shirt is from Forever 21 and works awesome with this slim-fitting vest. You don’t want to wear a shirt that’s too big with a vest because it will get weirdly baggy in the arms and bottom. I’ve been trying this thing lately where I tuck in the back of my shirt and let the tails fall in the front. I think it’s kind of a cool look that doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing a night shirt under your jacket or vest.

Dark washed denim works best with this look because the browns I’ve incorporated are of a darker tone. These are from Levi’s and I got them on the sale rack at Urban a couple years back. A simple cuff and you’re out the door.

Pair a simple look with some similar accessories, Warby Parker shades, Visuel anchor bracelet and a beaded necklace. Nothing too fancy, but a total head turner if done correctly.

What are your thoughts??

Stay smiling, my friends!



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