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The collision of fashion and function is upon us! Never before have brands taken materials, fit AND function into their development quite like today and it’s fantastic.

One of the newest and best brands doing just that is Kit and Ace. Related to the founder of LuLuLemon, K&A founder Shannon Wilson developed this line with luxury and functionality in mind. I’m sure you’d agree that it’s easy to go find a basic t-shirt that fits fine and will last for a few wears/washes before it’s time to go buy another one. K&A have done away with that system by creating a revolutionary material they call “technical cashmere”. It’s a lightweight, washable cashmere that feels even better than it sounds. I’m no stranger to tank tops, trust me, and this is definitely my new favorite and most comfortable.

I love this brand because they’re part of the movement towards what I like to call, “every day life” fashion. It’s for the man or woman who want to be conscious of how they look and feel, no matter what the plans for their day. Remember my philosophy, looking good isn’t about impressing people, it’s about feeling good. Feeling good is what makes the impression. It definitely hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been trying to be more conscious of my outfits no matter what I have going on. If I’m wearing a super comfortable, well fitting shirt to the gym or to the grocery store, I work out harder or buy healthier foods. It correlates to everything, guys!!

With this outfit, I thought it would be fun to dress up the look a bit for a nice errand-wear option. The coated black denim is very comfortable and adds a hint of dressiness to an otherwise very casual outfit. White shoes add a pop of difference in the dark outfit for a cool variation. I just got these kicks for summer from Greats Brand. The new Bab Lows…only $49!! So comfy, too.

Simple outfits are a great opportunity to accessorize, so I threw on a couple of bracelets with my MVMT Watch as well as a couple of necklaces for a subtle extra touch. I’ve been carrying more bags lately, too. I love this vintage weekender for a nice alternative to a backpack. It has an optional shoulder strap and allows me to bring my extra essentials that are there just in case.

Very simple, yet very calculated. What are your thoughts??

Stay smiling, my friends!


Click here to check out Kit and Ace and find your next favorite t-shirt or tank top. They also have women’s if you need a gift idea, gents!

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